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Windows Security Software

  Windows Security Officer - enables you to protect and totally control access to your personal computer. It offers administrative support for controlling which users are allowed to access your computer and the level of access each user may have.

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  Internet Explorer Security - is an utility that customizes many aspects of the Internet Explorer Web browser. It's a snap to use and provides the tools you need to retain and manage your Web browser settings.

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  Dark Files - can help you keep your files protected. You can choose who gets access to what files on your computer. This program provides three levels of protection to suit any user : "Hidden", "Read Only", "Full Control".

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User Time Control Purchase

User Time Control User Time Control Center lets you specify when exactly and how long the computer can be used and define users which will be allowed to use the computer without any limits. You can schedule time intervals and the number of hours each child can use the computer per day a week. It automatically logs your child out of their computer when it's time for lights out. Also you can prevent the PC usage until the specified date and after the specified date.
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